As you may have seen from my instagram i’ve been travelling around Italy and Spain. My first trip was to Sardinia. I always go to the North of Sardinia (Olbia), near Porto Rotondo and have been going for over 10 years and never get bored of the place. During the day i’m either on the boat or at “La Marinella” beach and in the evening I usually go to a bar and then clubbing, my favourite club being ‘Ritual’. My favourite restaurant is a place called “Lu Stazzu” and is typical Sardinian food, which is 100% a must if you go to the North because the food is just I N S A N E… it’s the only reason I still go to Sardinia! Ok i’m joking… well kinda.


During this post I am actually going to show you some of my favourite bikinis and swimsuits and where I buy most of mine from. I decided to do this because I had a couple of friends asking me about certain ones. SOooo here it goes…

I pretty much love all of mine at the moment, however I do LOVE my swimsuits much more. I think i’m slowly converting to one pieces only, I don’t really know why I just always opt for a one piece over a bikini…


The star 2-piece and red one piece are from Calzedonia, available now in stores.

The white swimsuit is from Zara and although I got it this year I haven’t seen it around anymore, BUT I have seen it in other colours such as blue and patterned.

The snake print bikini is new as well but from the sale section from Calvin Klien. It has become one of my favourite bikini’s as i can take off the strap and its perfect for tanning which is the only reason I still own bikinis now.

The blue and gold bikini is from JETS Swimwear which was my favourite. I got it last year and absolutely love the brand, although it’s slightly more expensive but the fit is perfect.

Hope you liked this post and are having a great start to August!

Lots of Love,

Laura xxx

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