Holiday week 2 in Trieste


I’m back to talk about the second part of my holiday in Italy after having been in Spain for a week. For those of you who don’t already know I am Italian… by blood at least. My mum is originally from Trieste, which is in the North East of Italy, 2 hours from Venice and thats were I have all my family as well; grandparents and cousins.

My mum & I


It was his first time there so I showed him the area a little. The weather was way too hot that week, so we couldn’t do much walking around. Since my house is across from the beach we went for a swim every morning before it got too crowded.

During the day we walked in the city, visited different areas as well as went to visit my cousins and grandparent. Of course having Italian grandparents meant that it was obligatory to stay for food and eat LOADS… but that wasn’t a problem for us 😉 This holiday was more relaxed than Spain as we stayed in one place for longer and there was much less visiting to do. We spent a lot of time going to all the ice cream places possible haha. I am also lucky because last summer I discovered that this ice cream near my house also had gluten and dairy free flavours… so of course I took FULL advantage of my Vegan ice cream. Also it wasn’t ice cream.. it was gelato.. if you’ve had both you’ll know the difference! I refuse to believe that ice cream and gelato are the same thing.

Anyways I could go on about this forever so i’m just going to let you enjoy the rest of the pictures instead.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Lots of love,

Laura xx

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