Lunch at Borough Market

Hello everyone,

I’m back and i’m going to talk about the mini ‘adventure’ I had around London when my cousin visited from Italy. Due to both my parents being Italian, all my relatives live in Italy and my family and I go to Italy more than they come down. So, of course i’m always super excited when they come to visit.

During the 4 days she was here we did a lot of shopping, walking around London through all the parks, ate lots of good food, and also ended up at Borough Market, which I had actually never been to. Oh and of course I took her clubbing. A little party never hurt… am I right? 😉

London view from near Borough Market

The market was actually so pretty and had some amazing food with a huge variety to choose from. There was Thai, Indian, English, Mexican, Chinese… you name it. I found a nice little Vegan stall which had vegan burgers and salad bowls, which is kind of my version of ‘food heaven’ so of course I ended up getting the salad bowl and I can tell you this… it was definitely 100% worth it! My cousin on the other hand got a nice Indian plate which I must admit was also so tempting.

Vegan Salad Bowl

Having had lunch we continued to look at all the stalls and came across one selling nut butters and found turmeric and maple cashew butter. I am aware it sounds weird but I absolutely L O V E nut butters and I can’t get enough of turmeric either. I was initially slightly skeptical about it but after being convinced to try it…DAMN…

And then I get asked where all my money goes… to little 8£ jars of nut butter… whoops?

If you ever find yourself near London Bridge go have a walk through Borough Market and pick up some tasty goods too. It will be totally worth it, I promise. Food is always a good idea 😉

Hope everyone’s having a great start to the weekend 😀


Laura xxx

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