Winter Wonderland

Hello everyone!

It’s finally December and the festive season has officially started.. and i’m SUPER excited! I love London during this time of the year as the city is full of pretty lights and decorations everywhere. London really knows how to make this season feel super special (apart from with the FREEZING weather, of course). Anyone else agree?


Last week I went Winter Wonderland for my boyfriends birthday. I love it there, it never fails to put me in a really festive mood. All the different christmassy stalls, candy, rides, hot chocolate make me REALLY happy…

oh I almost forgot mulled wine as well of course. (I’m not much of a drinker but mulled wine during Christmas time is something I love to enjoy).


We then went on the ride with the 5 big loops, which was insane but so much fun and then my boyfriend played a dart game and won that huge teddy 😀 (P.S. If you hadn’t guessed I love anything soft and fluffy). We enjoyed some popcorn and hot chocolate as well before heading to our dinner reservation. Had I seen the stall before, I would have gone for the warm roasted chestnuts, because its just the perfect time of the year and what better way to keep you warm, am I right?


If you haven’t already been, you should definitely go! However, do yourself a favour and if you can go during the week as the weekends get super busy… it kinda gets stressful.


I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying the festive season! It’s more than acceptable to be listening to Christmas music now… I know i’ve been getting my daily dose of festive music these days 😛




Laura xxx

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