Mid-week blues

Hello everyone,

I Hope everyones getting through the week ok

I have finally finished my first term of my third year at uni and will not be having anymore lectures EVERR… so happy 😀 However… that doesn’t exactly mean I have a fun relaxing holiday ahead… exams and fashion week coming at me in January as well as dissertation work to keep up to date. Fun, right?! 😦

image 5


I had a bit of a break this weekend. I decided to just relax, enjoy and not think about anything at all. Although, unfortunately Monday came pretty quickly and it’s already Wednesday! At the moment i’m trying to fight those mid-week blues, make sure I stay in my routine, waking up early and making sure I get everything done, bit by bit, so I don’t get too stressed. Of course with the help of a few cups of coffee.. and some christmas music in the background 😉

image 3image

I recently discovered this company which creates coffee with all the right amount of vitamins you need inside… and without compromising on the taste of the coffee. What better way to get all your vitamins and kick start your day all in one, right?! It has definitely helped me. Especially this season, since it’s important to remember to get all the vitamins your body needs to be able to give your body enough strength and energy to function and fight those cold and dark winter days. Anyways I definitely recommend trying it, its called Vitamin Coffee and their Instagram is @vitcoffee. It would also make a nice little gift for any of your loved ones that LOVE their coffee as much as I do!

Go give them some love, they deserve it! ha

image 2


Now just get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy yourselves a little bit more. I hope everyone has a lovely time being surrounded by your loved ones, spending more family time and most importantly don’t forget to give yourselves some much needed self-love.

Just a little reminder to be positive, happy and kind to everyone around… a little kindness goes a long way, especially during this time of the year!



Lots of Love,

Laura xxx

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