Happy New Year

Hey everyone!

I’m back after a nice much needed christmas and new years break. I hope everyones had a well deserved break and is having a wonderful start to 2018!

I decided to write something a bit more personal for the first post of 2018, so hopefully you will still like it. My sister was diagnosed with cancer end of September and has been under intense chemo  therapy, and will start radio therapy beginning of February. I know this isn’t exactly what you might want to be reading as a first post after the holidays but I really wanted to write this as she has now finished chemo, along with some good news and her treatment going well which is an amazing start to 2018 already. Although she still has other treatment, chemo therapy is what made her really weak and nauseous, so we’re al glad its over. Along with that i’m back to my usual routine which I love (apart from studying) but waking up, starting my day well, happy and motivated to have a great day, study, go to the gym and be productive.

One thing I want to start in 2018 is to make time for myself, whether it’s reading something non uni related, taking a bath or journaling. It’s something I always forget and it’s so important to remember to do, as life can get super stressful and we can easily forget to take a step back, relax and realise what makes us happy.

I found a brand, through Instagram, BySarahLondon, selling all natural and certified-organic skincare using only the best of plant-based ingredients. I’ve always wanted to use more natural skincare as I love eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle but due to always being so busy I forget what I put on my skin which plays a big role with being healthy too. By Sarah London is a brand started by Sarah when her sister Lauren was recovering from leukaemia which is similar to my sisters type, blood cancer, which really made me want to try their products more. I have been trying their facial oil and lip balm over the best 2-3 weeks and I can honestly say they feel so good. It feels so light and natural on your skin, yet does the job better than products which have 1000 of chemicals I can’t even pronounce inside. I have their 10ml bottle which is the perfect size as I have it in my make up bag which is always on me. Plus, 2 drops of the oil is all you need, well, its what I use anyways and my skin can get really dry during winter, especially around the nose area and forehead. Along with those really dry areas, my lips are worse, they get so dry and sore, so this little lip balm has literally been a lifesaver! It has a perfect texture and is absolutely lovely.

Taking care of your skin and what you put on it is as important as what you put inside your body, which a lot of people tend to forget. I would really recommend trying these natural skincare products, I promise you, your skin will only thank you!

I do have exams in the next few weeks so I might not be as regular with posting again, but bare with me and I will be back with more lovely posts for everyone.

Lots of love,

Laura xxx

2 Replies to “Happy New Year”

  1. Wow, I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. My prayers are with you! I’m happy you found an all natural skin care product. I’m definetly going to check it out girl!

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