Velvet Joggers

Hello people,

For this weeks post I’m going to share with you guys an outfit I love, but in particular one item which I am obsessed with lately, which as you can tell from the title, are the velvet joggers… or anything velvet really.

I’m gonna share with you the trousers I bought recently and how I wore them for a casual day. [I am aware the pictures are quite dark but the day I had planned to shoot this it was super dark and gloomy outside… of course… so I had to just work with what I had.]

The joggers I wore here I got from the Zara sale in December and unfortunately I believe they are sold out, however velvet is everywhere at the moment, so it’s not hard to find another pair for a good price. I paired them with a ribbed turtleneck also from Zara as it’s freezing and I prefer wearing these with something fitted on the top, so that turtle neck was perfect. I wanted a casual, effortless outfit to wear that day so I paired them with the Yeezy’s I got recently (& for anyone interested they’re the Yeezy Boost 350 Static V2).

However, these joggers are super easy to dress up and are great as an evening outfit. I would wear them with a simple black pointed stiletto or a high sandal; i.e. black with a crystal strap or silver (I’ve put some examples below) and a bodysuit; plain black, lace or red lace too. I would really recommend getting a pair of these joggers though they’re super comfy and the best part they are trendy and definitely don’t look like you’re out and about in lounge-wear!

I’m also going to leave you some links and pictures of some other VELVET items I like and that you might too.

Leopard print velvet blazer

Black trousers

Deep purple trouser


Puffer Jacket ⇒ If you like puffer jackets then this one is definitely for you!

Sneakers ⇒ I’ve had my eyes on these babies for a while – definitely my next sneaker  purchase 😀

Dr Martens ⇒ HOW could I not sneak these in here?! ~ I am in love with their boots (AGAIN… have been wanting them on and off for years) and love their thicker platform collection and the velvet on these make them even cuter

I hope you liked this outfit and find some of the velvet options above usefull and inspiring for one of your next outfits 😀


Laura xxx

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