Spring colours

Hello everyone,

I’m back with another outfit post because this look is more feminine than my usual outfits but also one that I love. Also perfect for the slightly warmer Spring days to come 😊 … hopefully (at least if you live in London)

I actually shot this look a while ago, but with the weather going super windy and rainy again I was just not motivated to post it, as well as having a hectic couple of weeks.

But, it’s here now 😀 Lately i’ve been so obsessed with co-ords anything with a top and bottom part matching I just NEED.

I particularly liked this set because it’s pink and if you can tell its slightly checkered too and I love that combination. I paired it with a pastel yellow cable knit sweater as the skirt and blazer had a slight creamy/yellowy undertone to it so, fit perfectly.

This outfit is all from Mango [except shoes and bag].

Of course, I then paired it with sneakers, because in case you haven’t noticed I love sneakers and they go with pretty much anything.

I actually was planning to buy a pair of white ankle boots to go with this outfit as I’d been wanting to get myself a pair for a while but of course I just couldn’t find any that I really liked. They either looked too cheap, the heal height or the front of the shoe wasn’t quite right and I wasn’t willing to go designer for a pair of shoes that I know I will probably wear once or twice max. SO I paired them with my (ALWAYS) safe option; McQueen Sneakers. HOWEVER, if you did want something classier, a pair of nice and clean white heeled boot is what I would opt for.

This outfit is perfect for the transition and the bipolar English Spring weather, because of  the warmer sweater but keeping it colourful and fun, as Spring outfits should be 😉

You can also make it cosier by adding a long nude/cream coat or trench over it. I think a nice trench works well with everything and you can find them everywhere on the high st at the moment. Zara & HM are my favourite options at the moment, so if you’re looking check them out first!

I hope you like this outfit and find it as fun as I had shooting the look 😝 See you next time!


Laura xxx




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