Health Journey

Hey everyone,

I’m back as promised with a more personal post on my health journey.

Let’s start…

So, as briefly mentioned in my last post, during my time in high school, roughly from 15-18, I had some “issues” with food, on and off let’s just say a bad relationship with food and body image. I went to a small private all girls school, which in my opinion, is not the best environment for a teenage girl.

For a long time I definitely had a misconception on the definition of terms related to body type and ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food. I thought I was “fat” and had to loose weight. AND believe me I was a little twig already at that age (thanks to genetics and a good metabolism). So for periods of time, I’d say a few weeks on and then off again, I would eat very little… often skipping meals such as lunch entirely, because school lunch…(yes it was bad but never an excuse to skip a meal, because I also could’ve easily made myself a sandwich before school, but of course I chose not to… because carbs ‘would make me fat’ and what not… FYI they don’t… (& could go on with why and the benefits forever but that’ll need another post…). Also having a few hiccups with making myself throw up…

Anyways, i’m sure you get the point… starving myself to try to lose weight 😟 as I wasn’t happy in my own body.

When I wasn’t in the phase of eating little, I still wasn’t eating right, always went for the low carb, low fat option and then in the afternoon I would eat junk food…or I would get to the weekend and ate way too much of it at once, as well as drinking quite a lot of alcohol on the weekend. With that being said, it’s fair to say I put my poor little gut through HELL. Throughout those years I started suffering from really bad bloating and stomach pain, with it coming and going and getting worse after I left school.

For sometime after I finished school and during my first year at uni, I went to see my GP a couple of times. I went to NHS as at the time my mum didn’t really ‘believe’ my symptoms so went to try to figure stuff out by myself. I had a numerous amount of blood tests done, to find out ‘nothing’ was really wrong, no coeliac disease, no lactose intolerance, no thyroid issues but they did acknowledge the fact that my stomach was constantly fairly bloated. They said it was most likely IBS and referred me to a nutritionist, which I continued seeing for months, going in phases of cutting certain foods out and re-adding them in. I’m not going to say they didn’t help me at all and that NHS was shit because it did relieve me of some pain but looking back now a lot of it was temporary and I didn’t really get down to the route of the problem. I also know they do tend do dismiss people saying they have IBS a lot of the time. It is also true I do still have IBS and it flares up from time to time but I didn’t only have that.

A few months later, I went again and managed to get some other tests done, including a breath test, found that I was lactose intolerant and diagnosed me with SIBO, tried strictly following the low-fod map diet for a while and got rid of SIBO.

During my third year of uni, and when I graduated, my mum started hearing from more people about stories about healing the gut from IBS, leaky gut and taking food intolerances tests etc. So I went to a few clinics in London with her to get some tests done finding that Cyrex intolerance tests were the most accurate and specific tests and consisted of proper blood test not just a finger prick… (I REALLY would NOT waste my money on those as i’ve been told many times by professionals, doctors, they are really not accurate). Anyways, we struggled to find a doctor that both my mum and I liked and trusted as the tests I was recommended to take for my symptoms estimated around 2-3,000£, and thats excluding the fees of the doctors for the reviews and consultations, so it’s fair to say that we wanted someone that would really explain everything to us and that we felt we could trust.

Finally decided that we wanted to do some tests in Italy as I didn’t quite trust the doctors here… so did some stool tests and blood tests there and the doctors were nice and went above and beyond to explain things to me.

I then got a very detailed and accurate food intolerance test in Croatia over summer and found I was intolerant to a bunch of foods I never would’ve thought that could’ve been part of my stomach issues… which finally brings me where I am now. I am currently cutting out all the foods i’m intolerant to for 8 months, and have felt dramatically better since starting, after which I will get tested again and start reintroducing them.

So, that’s my story and why I want to share my journey and what helps me with my gut so that maybe it can help someone else with theirs.

Bye for now… and see you on my next post!

(DW I will be keeping them shorter after this one 😅, promise)




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