Easter: Sweet tooth recommendation

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is well and staying home as much as possible.

I thought i’d start with a quick life update. I’ve moved back to my parents’ place for a while, while we’re social distancing as I have more space and floors to navigate through throughout the day as well as a garden and terrace to get in that vitamin D when we can… just like I am doing right now😁

Since we’re all going to be homebound for a little while, i’m going to be posting more regularly. I’ve decided to dictate this post to some sweet treats I LOVE, seeing as it’s Easter weekend, it seems about right 😋

I’m also doing it because a lot of these brands I love and buy frequently are small and local businesses and it’s at times like these that we need to support them the most.

Vegan nut/seed butters

I’ve always been a huge fan of peanut and almond butter but lately I rediscovered sesame seed butter (tahini). I found this brand @seadfoods and I literally cannot get enough, I go through jarssss of this stuff. They have 4 flavours; Original, Chocolate, Caramel and the only non vegan one, Honey sesame butter. I was kindly sent 2 of their flavours to try, I decided to go with the original and the chocolate as chocolate is LIFE 😀

I have to say since then I have re-bought the chocolate flavour three times and have it basically every morning on either my yogurt or porridge bowl. What I love about Sead foods, is that tahini can sometimes be quite bitter but I could literally eat theirs with a spoon straight from the jar 😋 I have also now bought the Caramel flavour to try something a bit different, so i’ll be posting what I think of that flavour on my IG stories soooon, so stay tuned ;). Either way I know I won’t be disappointed.

Then for your normal PB, I usually buy from Pip & Nut or Manilife (and are my faves), both deep roast crunchy and smooth! I love both and I usually have a crunchy and a smooth PB in my pantry as I crave different ones on different things 😋


Next up is @rawlalaco. Owned by the lovey @potofkale which unfortunately, she had to close her small cafe in Shoreditch due to COVID-19. She makes raw vegan gluten free treats herself; cinnamon rolls, energy balls and cookies to name a few and i’ve literally never tried a better vegan/GF cinnamon roll than hers in my 20+ years existence 🙊 Oh and to top that of she also makes her own nut milks and fresh green juices!

She has also now started selling her cakes online and delivers them… and yes i’ve already ordered and demolished a box of those. #sorrynotsorry


I actually am obsessed with Livia’s treats and because she has a few different products i.e. Dunx (cookie and nut butter dip), Nugglets (little choc balls) and Millionaire bites (little squares with oat base, sweet filling topped with a chocolate layer), I feel like I never get bored of them. At the moment my favourites are the choc cookie dough nugglets, and the maple peanut butter dunx (because PB is life and what better way than to dunk an oat cookie into it)!

Ombar chocolatefor some indulgent, creamy & exciting vegan flavours; especially their coconut vanilla and raspberry coconut centres🤤! I sometimes add a cube to my hot porridge and it melts wonderfully. TOOO GOOD, you NEED to try this!

ANYWAYS, I think that’s enough for now. Gives you plenty of sweet treats for you to try over the next couple of days and i’ll see you all hopefully on my next post!

I’ll be sharing a life/situation update and some more healthy small/ local businesses that I  adore and shop at regularly, especially at these times to support them!

Wish everyone the best of health and for everyone that has been affected by covid-19, in one way or another, my thoughts are with you and your family. 💖


Lots of love,

Laura xx

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