Hummus recipe

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyones enjoying their Summer, and hopefully many of you can still go on a  holiday, now that there are less quarantine restrictions!😄
I’m actually in my home in Italy, still working from home for most of it but feel much more relaxed and still very much enjoying the sun! I will be staying for the whole of July, so i’m not complaining!
Anyways, enough about me, and let’s get to it. Apart from the fact that I just LOVE hummus, I wanted to share this because often people don’t realise that hummus is actually quite easy to make! It’s also great to throw in any leftover veggies (& their stems) you have that need eating instead of them going to waste!😄
IMG_9150    IMG_9182
What you’ll need for my hummus recipe:
1 medium garlic clove
As much chickpeas as you have (I used a 400g which is equivalent to a lot of the ready made chickpea cans out there)
1 tbsp sesame butter (tahini)
3 tbsp of the chickpea water
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt & pepper (to taste)
Paprika (to taste & optional)
1/2 juice of lemon
FIRSTLY, make sure to soak your chickpeas overnight unless you’re using ready made canned chickpeas.
If they aren’t ready to go then cook them in water until nice and tender (around 1.5 hours)
In a blender add 1 garlic clove, 3/4 of the chickpeas you have, the rest will be added later but if you prefer yours absolutely smooth then add all the chickpeas straight away, 3 tbsp of chickpea water and 1/2 lemon juice and then give it a quick blend. Then continue adding the ingredients, 1 tbsp sesame butter (tahini) I use @seadfoods), 1 tbsp olive oil, salt & pepper (to taste), & a dash of paprika (optional but adds a bit more flavour to the Hummus).
For the texture I like my hummus to be smooth but I also like to have an extra bit of crunch/ texture in it, so I add the remainder 1/4 of chickpeas at the end when i’m happy with the amount of salt, pepper, paprika etc and just pulse the blender for a second, just to get the chickpeas chopped/blended slightly but still have remaining little pieces that give the nice crunch.
I like my hummus quite lemon and garlicky so I sometimes add 1 whole juice of the lemon and slightly more garlic or just 1 big clove.
The other hummus you see which is red is made using leftover veggies which if not used would’ve gone to waste. Waste is something that I absolutely hate and I’m always trying to find new ways to waste as little food as possible to help our planet. Hummus is just one of the easy ways of doing this, and also a sneaky way of adding more vegetables to your plate if you’re not a big veggie fan but do want to eat more of them. Here I added 1/2 of a small leftover beetroot and its stems, 1/4 of a red pepper and some avocado which was on it’s last day. Yes it might sound like a weird mix but believe me when you try it, it works. Avocado just makes it thicker and creamy and beetroot gives it an amazing colour, flavour and adds more depth to the hummus.🌶️🥑
I love to make it but I also do get lazy and don’t always have chickpeas at home
(mainly because I LOVE them so get through them way too quickly), so I thought i’d share my go-to hummus brands I can’t get enough of.
Firstly, @chicpfood (btw, this is in no particular order).
I love their hummus as they have some amazing different flavours such as beetroot & horseradish and carrot, ginger & turmeric hummus which really do spice up your average hummus 🤤 and what’s even better is that they use all the imperfect vegetables to make their hummus… the ones that aren’t  “good enough” for the supermarket. I Love a good brand that helps fight food waste and of course, now you know where I got the idea of adding different vegetables to my hummus and experimenting from 🤫
If you have to choose one to try first, i’d say go for the Beetroot one… it’s my fave 😋
Another favourite hummus of mine is; @pulsedips.
I absolutely love what they do. They’re not you’re average hummus, it’s more like hummus with a twist… they have had the genius idea to take the delicious lentil and created a hummus with it! It’s honestly delicious and has less fat than your average hummus too… not that it matters those fats are SO GOOD for you!
Anyways, the point is that it’s different but with the same yummy texture 😋
Trust me, if you didn’t know about them, you’ll thank me later. They have 4 flavours, which i’m going to leave you to go to discover… i’m just going to say this, I love using their caramelised garlic hummus as a creamy pasta sauce. Oh and one more, they have a newer flavour which i’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t tried yet, it’s avocado lentil hummus, can we just stop and take a moment to really think how delicious that sounds… need to get my hands on one asap!
And last but not least if you’re looking for a simple hummus I love @moorishhumous and their smoked hummus is the BEST!
Well.. I think that’s enough hummus talk for now 😅
Hope you liked this and give it a go too, see you on my next post!
Laura xx

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